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The challenge we face:


Tonnes of CO2 projected to have been emitted last year

Over 70% of CO2 emissions come from three core industries

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MOVE 16%

MAKE 31%


Imagine this:

A clean world fueled by power only generated by nature’s forces. 

Climate crisis and extreme weather conditions are a thing of the past, and the emissions from the thriving industry primarily consist of water.

Reflecting on last year’s numbers, the world is over 30 billion tons away from reaching net zero. To get there, we need to bring profound change to how we move, make, and power our world.

The shift is underway. There are solutions ready today. Whatever industry you operate in, whatever decarbonization targets you have set - at Topsoe, we have the expertise and technologies to help.

Every industry and every company’s path to zero will be different. But the end goal for all is the same. Let’s all get to the far side of zero.

The world is changing - and so are we




Financial, operational, technical, commercial, legislative we understand the pressures and complexities which the energy transition entails. For many companies, decarbonization is an entirely new landscape.

We are here to help companies and industries navigate their way.

That means, above all, that we are how. We are here to find and deliver practical solutions. Ones which work, technically and commercially.

Our scientific and technical knowledge, our experience and our partnership mindset make us unique to help navigate the energy transition.

We shine a light on the many paths forward

We're here for how

A world of energy transition possibilities awaits.
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